New York, the city that brought you Jerry Seinfeld, Lewis Black and Chris Rock, to name a few. The Mecca of comedy will come together to enjoy the funniest people in the business performing at the Times Square Comedy Festival.





Times Square Comedy Festival is the biggest comedy event in New York featuring the best stand-up comedy shows and the top stand-up comedians in the country performing on Broadway in Times Square.



The Times Square Comedy Festival is an annual comedy festival that started in 2015.The festival is produced by producer Hatem Gabr and Rethink Production.




The Times Square Comedy Festival consists of few live stand up comedy shows like "Up Close & Personal"  and "Live From Broadway" as well as new comedians competitions and other activities all around Tmes Square.



The Times Square Comedy Festival will be held Saturday June 18th 2016


For info and details - The 2016 Times Square Comedy Festival Shows Please click here

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